Americans Applauding, After Top Dem Delivers Knockout Blow To Trump’s Racist Ego

Donald Trump and his entire corrupt administration need to be removed from their unjust positions of political power. Now. Every day that passes, these intolerant bastards are conjuring up new ways to spread their hatred and bigotry onto the masses. But, like the true, welcoming people we are, Americans are resisting his racist ways.

However, there’s only so much we can do without Congress stepping in to help our cause.

One Democratic Senator, Bob Menendez, has been a staunch anti-Trump lawmaker since day one. He’s not afraid to voice his opposition to this current Commander-In-Tweets.

And this week, while the majority of the nation is still fuming after learning how Trump separates kids from their families at the border, Senator Menendez felt compelled to write the following message to the masses.

Senator Menendez wrote, “These children were torn from their mothers and shuttled into a de-facto prison, only to be greeted by a triumphant mural of the man who put them there. This Orwellian propaganda is frightening.”

Americans were quick to offer up their opinions on the matter.

One user, @D_opus wrote, “Yes. I can’t help but think Stephen Miller is working on the “final solution” to the illegal immigration problem. This bs really, really worries me. ICE is happy to do the dirty work while politicians let it happen & Trump’s supporters loving it all. Dangerous, scary times.” An eerie, but apt assessment of the current, terrifying situation.

Another user, @KieranJames2017, tweeted, “This is completely frightening. Have we really gotten to this point in the United States? Didn’t we learn anything from WW2? Anything????”

How do YOU feel about this horrendous ordeal?

How do you feel about this story? Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts, feelings and opinions with us in the comments.

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