Donald Trump To Clash With An Army Of Protesters While He Attempts To Approve Prototypes Of “His Wall” [PHOTOS]

President Trump will face an army protests when he arrives in California this Tuesday to oversee the prototypes of his long-promised border wall.

Trump to face protesters in California: report

Demonstrations are being organized alongside both sides of the border to protest Trump’s visit to San Diego, according to reports confirmed by The Associated Press.

Trump is scheduled to view prototypes of the border wall, which have been built near the U.S.-Mexico border near San Diego.

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Police are constructing a “temporary restriction area” surrounding the site of the wall prototypes in preparation of the large scale protests due to swarm the area, according to The Washington Post. Authorities have swore to prosecute any individual who brings “implements of riot” to protests, including knives, bricks and guns.

Following the days before Trump’s visit, signs of protests had already become visible. Activists and elected officials gathered in San Diego’s Chicano Park this Monday to call for action opposing the border wall, the AP reported.

A crowd of roughly 250 people stormed the streets of downtown San Diego to protest the border wall this Monday.

California has grown a community of heated opposition to Trump’s policies, particularly those in regards to immigration.

The president’s visit also follows a week after the Justice Department sued California over the state’s so-called “sanctuary laws,” which the administration suggests obstructs federal immigration officials from successfully doing their jobs.

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