Sarah Huckabee Sanders Fails To Hide Her Incompetence As Reporters Grill Her With Tough Questions [VIDEO]

The Trump administration’s latest proposal to tackle gun violence following the aftermath of the Parkland, Florida, shooting, were unveiled Sunday night and revealed to live within the confines of the NRA’s strict priorities, backpedaling on many of the policies the president had claimed he was hunkering down on just a few weeks ago.

Notably absent is the provision of raising the age to purchase certain guns from 18 to 21. But when reporters questioned Trump’s change of heart during a White House press briefing this Monday, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders became visibly frustrated that they were not adhering her to explanation regarding the “school safety” plan.

One reporter questioned Sanders: “President Trump sort of made an example of Republican senators that are afraid of crossing the NRA … based on the plan last night, it seems like President Trump was the one petrified of the NRA because he backed away from the ideas that he brought into the discussion. I’m asking why he chickened out, why he didn’t go forward with what he had proposed earlier?”

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Sanders backpedaled to suggest that Trump is not moving away from his earlier proposals at all but instead focusing on policies that could be put into action “immediately.”

The NRA, which has had a deep connection with Trump’s since his election campaign back in 2016, has openly disagree with both measures. “He hasn’t backed away from these things at all,” Sanders stated at the press briefing, where she was barraged by questions on the issue, including one from a Washington Post reporter who suggest that the president seemed “petrified” by the fierce opposition from the NRA and questioned whether he had “chickened out.”



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