Stephen Colbert Takes A Hammer To Betsy DeVos Struggling Position On Taking From The Poor To Give To The Rich [VIDEO]

Stephen Colbert blasted Education Secretary Betsy DeVos for her recent struggle to answer basic questions during an interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes.”

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The “Late Show” host took aim at the secretary’s lackluster response when questioned why she would defund poorly scored schools, when DeVos suggested that the country should invest in “students, not school buildings.”

“You know the students are in the buildings right? We don’t just release the students into the wild and say ‘don’t come back until you know trigonometry young man,’ ” Colbert explained.

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Interviewer Leslie Stahl also pressed DeVos to explain her support for implementing a school voucher program to permit students to go to private schools.

“DeVos’ theory is that if you take money away from public schools and give it to charter schools, that will somehow help the public schools. It’s a system called stupid,” Colbert said.

The comedian also lashed out against DeVos for suggesting she had not “intentionally” visited underperforming schools since being sworn in as secretary.

“So you’ve accidentally visited them?” Colbert said. “That’s like a doctor saying I have not intentionally visited sick patients. I give all their medicine to the healthy patients, and that gives them an incentive to get better.”




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