WATCH: Donald Trump Jr. Gets Extremely Awkward, Throws Out Reporters When Asked About Stormy Daniels

Donald Trump Jr. was in the district on Monday as the Trump administration continues to aggressively push to keep the Senate seat in the hands of Republicans. President Trump, as well as White House counselor Kellyanne Conway traveled to the district recently, as well – and their efforts could very well be for nought, as they’re desperate to cling to a district that may be slipping away.

When greeted by the media, Trump Jr. didn’t take long to recognize MSNBC’s Chris Hayes. When asked about what he thought of Saccone, Trump Jr. stuck to some clearly predetermined talking points as to how the Republican candidate will help to support his father’s agenda. Trump Jr. also bragged that the GOP tax reform had seen the Sarris Candies company make enough extra money that they were able to add new jobs.

But as Hayes’ line of questioning heated up, Trump Jr. reacted by intently scarfing down  his ice cream. “Ahead of the Trump Tower meeting, were you aware the Russians had information in those emails?” Hayes asked.

“I was not but that’s not what we’re here talking about,” he retorted. “We’re here talking jobs for Americans.”

When Trump Jr. was later asked whether Stormy Daniels should be able to speak out or not, he was visibly rattled. “Thanks, you guys. That’s not what we’re talking about,” Don Jr. said, as he continued to dismantle a bowl of ice cream.

Do you think that Don Jr. REALLY cares about jobs for Americans?

Comment below and tell us what you think.


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